Panorama of the Duck Pond, from 1995

This week I wanted to share a small collection of panoramic photographs that were taken of various locations around the Virginia Tech campus back in 1995 (and a couple from 2000). The photographs were made by University Relations, and although they were taken recently (well, relative to most of our collections!) they were still captured non-digitally on film and given to us as oversized 2.5″ X 16″ photographic prints. Seeing a flat 360 degree view is one thing, but once we scanned them and installed a panoramic viewer on our Special Collections Online site, they really came to life in a very immersive way. You can see the above picture of the Duck Pond with the viewer here.

Spring Graduation at Lane Stadium, 1995

Most of the photos will look pretty familiar, with one noticeable difference being the smaller stands in Lane Stadium with roughly 15,000 less seats. You can immerse yourself in the 1995 Spring Commencement ceremony here. Another would be the absence of Torgersen Bridge behind the Pylons in this view of the Drill Field. Torgersen Hall and the bridge over Alumni Mall were not completed until 2000.

You can see all the panoramic photos in this collection here.

But I’ll leave you with one more panorama here, a vertigo-inducing shot from the floor of the War Memorial Hall foyer looking straight up at the vaulted ceiling. This one might best be seen without the viewer!

Ceiling of the War Memorial Hall foyer

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